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Wicked widows' league

A Widow's Perfect Rogue


She wants to forget their past…
Miss Francesca (Frankie) Wickersham’s impulsive tryst with Viscount Thomas Latham was unknowingly witnessed by Society’s worst gossip, leaving her family no choice but to force a wedding. But when Thomas could not be found, Frankie was married off to a much older man. Now, wealthy and widowed, Frankie craves something she never experienced while married — love. But after a chance meeting with Thomas, the man she thought she loved all those years ago, whose conspicuous disappearance ruined her reputation, Frankie wants nothing to do with him.

He wants to believe in their future…
Five years ago, his business obligations forced Thomas away, with barely enough time to send a message to Frankie, the woman he loved. When he returned to find her married and out of his reach, shock and hurt sent him reeling. Despite that pain, no woman has compared to her since. After an accidental meeting reveals she is now a widow, Thomas has renewed hope. But first, he must convince her of his heart and intentions, even though his roguish reputation says otherwise.

Can Frankie and Andrew break through the pain of the past to catch a second chance at love?

A Scoundrel all the Way

A Scoundrel all the Way.jpg

COMING 10.8.24

A Wicked Widows’ League Romance (Book 19)

What happens when the ton’s most infamous rogue meets the ton’s most infamous wallflower?

No man adores women more than Rowan Garrison, the newly minted, seventh Earl of Sexton …
Known as “The Scoundrel,” Rowan was the Crown’s top agent in France until his assignment ended abruptly thanks to his most recent contretemps—due to a few stolen kisses with the wife of a powerful general. When Rowan finds out that he’s just inherited an earldom from his late great-uncle, he gets some stern but valuable advice from his beleaguered mentor. “Run your estates, get married, and start making babies before another husband calls you out with pistols at dawn.” Hoping to relax before he settles into his new obligations, Rowan accepts an invitation to a house party in Middlesex from his friend, Viscount Thomas Latham. It would be among friends, far away from those scandals on the Continent. What could possibly go wrong?

No woman avoids men more than Lady Lucy Jeffreys…
Known as “unlucky Lucy,” after “tossing up her accounts” all over the ballroom floor at her very first ball, and then falling for and eloping with a criminal imposter, she is widowed practically before the ink is dry. Lucy vows to avoid another disaster and shuns ton events. Besides, she prefers spending her time rescuing animals and hopes to convince her grandfather to invest in an animal sanctuary—her latest idea. But when her best friend, Lady Katie Latham, invites Lucy to spend Christmastide at her brother Thomas’s estate, Lucy agrees, thinking it would be nice to spend the holiday among friends. Besides, what could go wrong?

With the help of a few Wicked Widows and a little Christmas magic, Lucy and Rowan find out that the last thing they want might be the one thing they need most of all.

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