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Noble Hearts Series

The Earl She Left Behind  


A widow with a tragic past…
Maggie Winters had everything she always wished for — betrothed to the man of her dreams, a loving home, and a new puppy. But it all changes when her parents die, and her new guardian sweeps Maggie from town and forces her to marry a stranger to pay his debts. When she suddenly finds herself a widow and free of an unhappy marriage, can she finally find the love she's dreamed of?

A hero with a hopeful future…
Lord Maxwell Wilde still loves Maggie Winters, despite his years abroad in service to the Crown. They had planned to marry until she disappeared from his life, leaving only a scribbled note in her wake. Returning home late from an assignment in the middle of a sudden storm, he finds a badly injured woman lying in the road. He saves her only to realize he has rescued the woman he had never forgotten.

Hearts are in play as danger beckons them into a treacherous game. Can Maggie and Maxwell dare grab a second chance at love?

Romancing A Wallflower


A tragic past…
A near-fatal riding accident a year ago has left Lilian DeLacey unable to walk and restricts her life to books and quiet activities at home. But when her twin sister convinces her to attend just one ball, she reluctantly accepts. Wheelchair-bound, she watches the dancers with longing, until a startling familiar masculine scent unlocks memories of the mysterious man who saved her life—none other than John Andrews, the charismatic Earl of Harlow. Being back in society and meeting her very own hero, inspires Lilian to walk again. Having almost lost her life, can Lilian now risk losing her heart to the man who saved her?

A fateful future…
John Andrews, the Earl of Harlow returned from the Napoleonic wars with scars both inside and out. Haunted by nightmares and forced to relive the horrors of war each and every night, John can’t risk marriage with such a dark specter hanging over his life. When John attends a ball while on assignment for the Crown, he recognizes the young woman he rescued a year ago. Despite his fear of falling in love, John can’t help but be drawn to the lovely Lilian, whose courage, wit, and beauty leave him in awe.

But when danger threatens, can John and Lilian overcome their painful pasts and dare hope for a future together?

the Duke'S Golden Rings:
Fifth Day of Christmas


A broken heart…
Lady Evie Roberts has carried a torch for Lord Adam Hunter, Marquess of Greystone, since childhood, feelings she’s never shared with anyone. When Evie finds out her best friend Honora is betrothed to Adam, she is heartbroken but determined to be happy for them. But when Honora runs off and marries another man, then plummets to her death from a fall off a cliff and her body washes out to sea — Evie can’t help but wonder how and why this happened.

A broken man…
Lord Adam Hunter survived the battle of Waterloo only to be scarred in a duel with the blackguard who eloped with his betrothed. Saddened by Honora’s tragic death under such dark and mysterious circumstances, Adam must also contend with the pain of his father’s sudden passing. But when Adam encounters Evie at his father’s funeral, it’s as though he sees a beacon of light in a storm-tossed sea. Drawn to the intelligent and beautiful young woman, Adam can’t help but feel his heart stirring back to life.

Together Adam and Evie seek to unravel the mystery surrounding Honora’s demise but when danger threatens can they embrace the light of love or will the ghosts from the past plunge them into darkness?

My Lord My Rogue


A dangerous deceit…
Lady Honora Radcliff was betrothed to the most sought-after man of the Season — just not the man she loved. Too much champagne and too many dances with a handsome stranger leaves her life in tatters and she finds herself married to an abusive and dangerous man whose only interest is the dowry her father refuses to release. Desperate to save her life and that of her unborn child, Honora fakes her death and disappears.

An unexpected encounter…
Lord Benjamin Crewe, the Marquess of Willington, had planned to enjoy the Christmastide season relaxing at home. Instead, he accepts a perilous assignment from the Crown that brings him face to face with the woman who captured his heart and haunts his dreams. Lady Honora Radcliff met a tragic death three years ago. Or did she? Desperate for answers, he pursues her as a treacherous enemy of England entangles them both in a deadly web of deception.

Can Honora and Benjamin survive this danger and gain a chance for love and happiness?

(Previously released in the Hello Rogue Anthology)

Silver Bells And Mistletoe


A wedding wish…
Lady Susan Winslow has yearned her entire life for three things — a London Season, to marry the man of her dreams, and to plan a beautiful Christmastide wedding. When her father accepts an offer of marriage to secure Susan’s future, her dreams disappear in one fell swoop. But when Susan’s younger brother, Alexander, falls ill to a mysterious illness, Susan dismisses her girlhood fancies in a desperate race against time to discover the source of Alexander’s illness.

A romantic reunion…
Grayson Harding has accomplished a life-long goal — to become a doctor. And as the new Earl of Harding, he can finally pursue the woman who captivates his soul. But when his childhood friend Susan, shows up on his doorstep, Grayson forgets about courting the woman of his dreams and does everything in his power to help Susan save her brother’s life.

With Christmastide fast approaching, Susan and Grayson will need a miracle or two to get them through…

Scandal Beneath The Stars


A shocking discovery…
After years abroad, Slade Mason, the Earl of Drake returns home to discover his father is dead and his brother is severely wounded in a carriage accident. His suspicions on high alert, Slade embarks on an investigation to root out the killer.

A secret love…
Lady Bella Stewart is in London for her first Season, but she can’t help compare every potential suitor to her brother’s best friend, Slade, who went abroad years ago to seek his fortune. When Bella bumps into Slade at a bookshop in town she’s not only surprised to see him, she’s shocked at the tragic circumstances surrounding his return. Despite her deep feelings of attraction to Slade, Bella vows to help him with his investigation.

As Slade and Bella risk their lives to uncover the deadly truth in Slade’s family will they dare risk their hearts to discover true love?

Also featured in the Christmas on Scandal Lane Anthology (2021 RONE Finalist).

The Duke's golden BELLE


Can a Christmas wedding between childhood friends heal the darkness from the past and help them discover a future bright with love?

He needs a duchess…

Michael Ballard, the seventh Duke of Clarence hates being a duke, a title that was supposed to belong to his older brother Daniel if he hadn’t died in a reckless riding accident just weeks after their father’s passing. And thanks to a marriage contract signed by their father, Michael now finds himself betrothed to Lady Isabelle Griffith. It’s not that Michael is opposed to the idea of marriage, just being forced into one. Not only is Lady Isabelle his sister’s best friend from childhood but she was meant to marry Daniel. How in the world is Michael supposed to see her as his future wife?

She needs a miracle…
Ever since her twin brother Marcus went missing when they were children, Isabelle has felt physically ill in crowded places and the thought of attending Society functions, let alone hosting her own, makes her shake with dread. Isabelle has no choice but to accept this marriage agreement and become Michael’s future wife, but how in the world will she manage her fears?

An arranged marriage forces them together, but secret fears might drive them apart. Can the Christmas season work its magic with the golden glow of love?

Originally part of the Christmas Wallflowers group author series.

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