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A Wicked Widows’ League Romance (Book 19)

What happens when the ton’s most infamous rogue meets the ton’s most infamous wallflower?

No man adores women more than Rowan Garrison, the newly minted, seventh Earl of Sexton …

Known as “The Scoundrel,” Rowan was the Crown’s top agent in France until his assignment ended abruptly thanks to his most recent contretemps—due to a few stolen kisses with the wife of a powerful general. When Rowan finds out that he’s just inherited an earldom from his late great-uncle, he gets some stern but valuable advice from his beleaguered mentor. “Run your estates, get married, and start making babies before another husband calls you out with pistols at dawn.” Hoping to relax before he settles into his new obligations, Rowan accepts an invitation to a house party in Middlesex from his friend, Viscount Thomas Latham. It would be among friends, far away from those scandals on the Continent. What could possibly go wrong?

No woman avoids men more than Lady Lucy Jeffreys…
Known as “unlucky Lucy,” after “tossing up her accounts” all over the ballroom floor at her very first ball, and then falling for and eloping with a criminal imposter, she is widowed practically before the ink is dry. Lucy vows to avoid another disaster and shuns ton events. Besides, she prefers spending her time rescuing animals and hopes to convince her grandfather to invest in an animal sanctuary—her latest idea. But when her best friend, Lady Katie Latham, invites Lucy to spend Christmastide at her brother Thomas’s estate, Lucy agrees, thinking it would be nice to spend the holiday among friends. Besides, what could go wrong?

With the help of a few Wicked Widows and a little Christmas magic, Lucy and Rowan find out that the last thing they want might be the one thing they need most.​

of all.


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She wants to forget their past…
Miss Francesca (Frankie) Wickersham’s impulsive tryst with Viscount Thomas Latham was unknowingly witnessed by Society’s worst gossip, leaving her family no choice but to force a wedding. But when Thomas could not be found, Frankie was married off to a much older man. Now, wealthy and widowed, Frankie craves something she never experienced while married — love. But after a chance meeting with Thomas, the man she thought she loved all those years ago, whose conspicuous disappearance ruined her reputation, Frankie wants nothing to do with him.

He wants to believe in their future…
Five years ago, his business obligations forced Thomas away, with barely enough time to send a message to Frankie, the woman he loved. When he returned to find her married and out of his reach, shock and hurt sent him reeling. Despite that pain, no woman has compared to her since. After an accidental meeting reveals she is now a widow, Thomas has renewed hope. But first, he must convince her of his heart and intentions, even though his roguish reputation says otherwise.

Can Frankie and Andrew break through the pain of the past to catch a second chance at love?


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The last thing he wants is a bride…

Nicholas de Lorris, the fifth Earl of Crewe, vowed to avoid the marriage noose after a betrayal left him scorned. When his mother persuades him to escort her to a house party, he reluctantly agrees, despite learning that self-proclaimed matchmaker, Lady Pansy Osborne, has organized it. Hardened to the ploys of marriage-minded mamas and their daughters, Nick is unprepared when he meets a beautiful young woman who seems completely indifferent to him and his title.

The last thing she needs is a husband…

Lady Alora Owens finds Society oppressive and marriage frightening, having lost her mother in childbirth. Accepting spinsterhood, she avoids Ton gatherings in favor of riding her horses and other outdoor activities. Exasperated, her father accepts an invitation to a house party, forcing her to attend and promising to join her later. Upon arriving, Alora hears the cries of a young colt being mishandled by two stable hands and runs to its rescue. Her frustration leads her to accept a wager proposed by Lady Osborne to ride the temperamental colt, belonging to the Earl of Crewe, in three days’ time—unwittingly making herself and Lord Crewe the latest targets in Lady Osborne’s matchmaking scheme.

Continually paired during the house party, Nick and Alora discover a conspiracy to steal his horse, which has direct champion lineage. As they work to discover who is behind the plot, they find unexpected feelings growing for one another. Can Nick and Alora survive the danger they uncover and find the love they both crave?


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A wife is the last thing he needs. A husband is the last thing she wants.

A widower who refuses to remarry.
Damon Devereaux, the Sixth Duke of Danforth, doesn’t want a wife. He needs a governess; they keep quitting. Damon's energetic, seven-year-old twins need someone with stamina—a woman who can provide a firm hand, stability, and guidance. And someone who doesn’t run screaming from the room when she finds a toad under her pillow.

A spinster who refuses to marry.
Miss Lydia Hammond grew up without a mother and equates marriage with the risks of childbirth but also the potential loss of her hard-earned independence. Content to remain unwed and mistress of her own life, Lydia resists the dogged determination of her three older brothers to marry her off to a competitor’s son and thus expand the family’s business interests. Evading the altar, Lydia accepts a position as governess to the Duke of Bedford’s children. But as she grows to care for the twins and their father, Lydia begins to wonder what she’s missing.

As an unlikely friendship blossoms between Lydia and Damon, his former mistress contrives to destroy their happiness. Can Lydia and Damon overcome the past to have a future?


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She saved his life, but can she keep her secret?

Left for dead…
Charlie—Lady Charlotte Penrose and her twin brother Caden are travelling with their grandmother, the dowager Lady Penrose to the family townhouse in Bocka Morrow in anticipation of the upcoming annual Witches’ Ball. But their plans veer off course when they come to the rescue of a gentleman beset by cutthroat thieves. Transporting the wounded man to their home, Charlie can’t help but be mesmerized by the handsome stranger with the dark wavy hair and sky-blue eyes. She also finds it a challenge to heed her grandmother’s warning about getting too close to the stranger, given that the Penrose women are powerful witches.

Angel or witch?
From the moment he awakens from his feverish dream, Logan, the earl of Fitzwater is enchanted by the beautiful young woman with the golden blonde hair and extraordinary cat-like green eyes. Logan is indebted to Charlie and the Penrose family for saving him and his man, Bronson, but he can’t afford to dally. Once his wounds are healed, he must return to Cornwall to take the reins of his new title and estate. And yet he can’t help but be drawn to Charlie and agrees to escort her to an upcoming ball.

Because of Charlie’s growing feelings for Logan, she realizes she must tell him the truth about who she is. But when evil comes back to haunt them, can Charlie and Logan make it through, or will they be forever lost in the darkness?

Noble Hearts Series


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USA Today bestselling author, Anna St. Claire is pleased to present A KISS FOR CHRISTMAS. A charming trio of Regency Historical Romances that are sure to become Christmas Classics in this limited edition box set featuring The Duke's Golden Rings, Silver Bells and Mistletoe, and The Duke's Golden Belle. Season's Readings from Anna St. Claire.


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A tragic past…
A near-fatal riding accident a year ago has left Lilian DeLacey unable to walk and restricts her life to books and quiet activities at home. But when her twin sister convinces her to attend just one ball, she reluctantly accepts. Wheelchair-bound, she watches the dancers with longing, until a startling familiar masculine scent unlocks memories of the mysterious man who saved her life—none other than John Andrews, the charismatic Earl of Harlow. Being back in society and meeting her very own hero, inspires Lilian to walk again. Having almost lost her life, can Lilian now risk losing her heart to the man who saved her?

A fateful future…
John Andrews, the Earl of Harlow returned from the Napoleonic wars with scars both inside and out. Haunted by nightmares and forced to relive the horrors of war each and every night, John can’t risk marriage with such a dark specter hanging over his life. When John attends a ball while on assignment for the Crown, he recognizes the young woman he rescued a year ago. Despite his fear of falling in love, John can’t help but be drawn to the lovely Lilian, whose courage, wit, and beauty leave him in awe.

But when danger threatens, can John and Lilian overcome their painful pasts and dare hope for a future together?


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A dangerous deceit…
Lady Honora Radcliff was betrothed to the most sought-after man of the Season — just not the man she loved. Too much champagne and too many dances with a handsome stranger leaves her life in tatters and she finds herself married to an abusive and dangerous man whose only interest is the dowry her father refuses to release. Desperate to save her life and that of her unborn child, Honora fakes her death and disappears.

An unexpected encounter…
Lord Benjamin Crewe, the Marquess of Willington, had planned to enjoy the Christmastide season relaxing at home. Instead, he accepts a perilous assignment from the Crown that brings him face to face with the woman who captured his heart and haunts his dreams. Lady Honora Radcliff met a tragic death three years ago. Or did she? Desperate for answers, he pursues her as a treacherous enemy of England entangles them both in a deadly web of deception.

Can Honora and Benjamin survive this danger and gain a chance for love and happiness?

(Previously released in the Hello Rogue Anthology)


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A shocking discovery…
After years abroad, Slade Mason, the Earl of Drake returns home to discover his father is dead and his brother is severely wounded in a carriage accident. His suspicions on high alert, Slade embarks on an investigation to root out the killer.

A secret love…
Lady Bella Stewart is in London for her first Season, but she can’t help compare every potential suitor to her brother’s best friend, Slade, who went abroad years ago to seek his fortune. When Bella bumps into Slade at a bookshop in town she’s not only surprised to see him, she’s shocked at the tragic circumstances surrounding his return. Despite her deep feelings of attraction to Slade, Bella vows to help him with his investigation.

As Slade and Bella risk their lives to uncover the deadly truth in Slade’s family will they dare risk their hearts to discover true love?

Also featured in the Christmas on Scandal Lane Anthology (2021 RONE Finalist).


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A widow with a tragic past…
Maggie Winters had everything she always wished for — betrothed to the man of her dreams, a loving home, and a new puppy. But it all changes when her parents die, and her new guardian sweeps Maggie from town and forces her to marry a stranger to pay his debts. When she suddenly finds herself a widow and free of an unhappy marriage, can she finally find the love she's dreamed of?

A hero with a hopeful future…
Lord Maxwell Wilde still loves Maggie Winters, despite his years abroad in service to the Crown. They had planned to marry until she disappeared from his life, leaving only a scribbled note in her wake. Returning home late from an assignment in the middle of a sudden storm, he finds a badly injured woman lying in the road. He saves her only to realize he has rescued the woman he had never forgotten.

Hearts are in play as danger beckons them into a treacherous game. Can Maggie and Maxwell dare grab a second chance at love?


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A broken heart…
Lady Evie Roberts has carried a torch for Lord Adam Hunter, Marquess of Greystone, since childhood, feelings she’s never shared with anyone. When Evie finds out her best friend Honora is betrothed to Adam, she is heartbroken but determined to be happy for them. But when Honora runs off and marries another man, then plummets to her death from a fall off a cliff and her body washes out to sea — Evie can’t help but wonder how and why this happened.

A broken man…
Lord Adam Hunter survived the battle of Waterloo only to be scarred in a duel with the blackguard who eloped with his betrothed. Saddened by Honora’s tragic death under such dark and mysterious circumstances, Adam must also contend with the pain of his father’s sudden passing. But when Adam encounters Evie at his father’s funeral, it’s as though he sees a beacon of light in a storm-tossed sea. Drawn to the intelligent and beautiful young woman, Adam can’t help but feel his heart stirring back to life.

Together Adam and Evie seek to unravel the mystery surrounding Honora’s demise but when danger threatens can they embrace the light of love or will the ghosts from the past plunge them into darkness?


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A wedding wish…
Lady Susan Winslow has yearned her entire life for three things — a London Season, to marry the man of her dreams, and to plan a beautiful Christmastide wedding. When her father accepts an offer of marriage to secure Susan’s future, her dreams disappear in one fell swoop. But when Susan’s younger brother, Alexander, falls ill to a mysterious illness, Susan dismisses her girlhood fancies in a desperate race against time to discover the source of Alexander’s illness.

A romantic reunion…
Grayson Harding has accomplished a life-long goal — to become a doctor. And as the new Earl of Harding, he can finally pursue the woman who captivates his soul. But when his childhood friend Susan, shows up on his doorstep, Grayson forgets about courting the woman of his dreams and does everything in his power to help Susan save her brother’s life.

With Christmastide fast approaching, Susan and Grayson will need a miracle or two to get them through…


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Can a Christmas wedding between childhood friends heal the darkness from the past and help them discover a future bright with love?


He needs a duchess…

Michael Ballard, the seventh Duke of Clarence hates being a duke, a title that was supposed to belong to his older brother Daniel if he hadn’t died in a reckless riding accident just weeks after their father’s passing. And thanks to a marriage contract signed by their father, Michael now finds himself betrothed to Lady Isabelle Griffith. It’s not that Michael is opposed to the idea of marriage, just being forced into one. Not only is Lady Isabelle his sister’s best friend from childhood but she was meant to marry Daniel. How in the world is Michael supposed to see her as his future wife?


She needs a miracle…

Ever since her twin brother Marcus went missing when they were children, Isabelle has felt physically ill in crowded places and the thought of attending Society functions, let alone hosting her own, makes her shake with dread. Isabelle has no choice but to accept this marriage agreement and become Michael’s future wife, but how in the world will she manage her fears?An arranged marriage forces them together, but secret fears might drive them apart. Can the Christmas season work its magic with the golden glow of love?Originally part of the Christmas Wallflowers group author series.



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Can a reluctant earl avenge his brother’s murder and save an adorably sweet spinster in the process?

A reluctant earl…
Confirmed bachelor, Edward Hunter returns home after being away for a year on a secret mission for the Crown to find his brother killed, and his father dead from grief. He is now the Earl of Weston, a title he never wanted. While searching for leads in his brother’s murder, he’s forced to attend ton entertainments he normally would have avoided.

A spirited spinster…
Hattie Longbottom is a sheltered spinster who spent her bloom caring for her invalid parent. With the death of her mother, she is forced to leave her home. Because she refuses to separate from her beloved parrot, Archie, her only option is to travel to Eynsham and live with her brother and his family. The journey to his estate shocks Hattie with the harsh realities of life outside her little village. Along the way, and with the help of her vociferous bird, a series of unfortunate mishaps threaten to ruin Hattie and place her on a dangerous path, until Edward Hunter rides into her life.


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Can an unexpected wager bring two uniquely different people together?

A charming rogue…
Colin, Earl of Shefford lives a charmed life thanks to his wealth, title, and good looks. When he wins a building in a wager, he deems it a perfect location for a fencing club. Arriving at the site, he’s shocked to see the building is home to an orphanage, and never imagined he’d be sparring with the very prim and proper headmistress, Miss Honoria Mason. When the lovely but headstrong Miss Mason stubbornly refuses his offer of an alternative establishment, Colin brashly gives her an ultimatum—provide proof the orphanage has value to him or marry him.

A determined spinster…
Determined to save the orphanage she has worked so hard to preserve, Honoria has no choice but to accept Lord Shefford’s ultimatum and marry him. Honoria may be attracted to Shefford’s good looks and charm, but she refuses to fall in love with him. Her family’s misfortunes came about thanks to the Ton’s selfish ways. Sparks fly as proximity forces them together, the better to know each other.


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Can an unlikely couple find love in the most unlikely way?

An engaging earl…
Thomas, Earl of Bergen is on his way to London for Christmastide and traditional fun with friends and family when he comes upon a cross-eyed donkey tied to a tree. Thomas discovers that the donkey's previous owners had abandoned it, believing it to be cursed. His efforts to help the animal lead him to the home of a lovely widow and her menagerie of children and animals.

A winsome widow…
Lady Elizabeth Newton enjoys her life and her home in the country raising her three adopted children from her late husband’s mistress, as well as caring for helpless animals of every description that would otherwise, have no home. But her life is completely upended when the handsome and charismatic Lord Bergen arrives on her doorstep with a cross-eyed donkey.

Drawn to Elizabeth’s spirit and beauty, Thomas finds himself agreeing to help the young widow’s charming children with their Christmas pageant. But can a budding romance survive the unexpected danger that seems to follow the donkey at every turn?


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What happens when a twist of fate turns into an undeniable destiny?

A reluctant guardian…
When a tragic carriage accident claims his uncle, Alan Hardin finds himself the third Earl of Halsburg with the unexpected guardianship of two sisters, fulfilling a long-ago promise made by his uncle to a dear friend. The last thing Alan wants is to be a guardian, especially when the elder sister is beautiful, spirited, and of marriageable age.

An undaunted ward…
With the death of her beloved father, Elizabeth Rollins and her young sister find themselves at the mercy of a spiteful stepmother and isolated from friends and the life they had known until an unexpected guardian appointed by her late father arrives to literally save the day. Instead of a sweet, doting, elderly gentleman, Elizabeth is surprised to meet a young, handsome, and charming earl. But when Elizabeth’s stepmother contrives to move her previously banned son back home, Elizabeth must do everything she can to escape his greedy clutches. Will Elizabeth fall victim to her stepbrother’s marriage scheme or will Alan go from guardian to groom?

Dear Reader: Earl of Halsburg was originally part of the Wicked Earls Forever Anthology, published January 2023 and removed from sale in April 2023.



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A British officer’s life is saved when a young woman and her dog risk their lives and rescue him from beneath dead bodies while trying to escape the New Orleans battlefield before shooting begins.

Welcome to book 1 in the new Rakes of Mayhem series from bestselling author Anna St. Claire!

Colonel Matthew Romney, a favored son of the British military, is gravely wounded during the Battle of New Orleans. With most available British forces dead and his weak pleas for help muffled beneath the dead soldier he lies below, the British report him missing in the aftermath.

Bethany Phillips and her dog visit the Villeré Plantation’s gardens searching for herbs and food and unexpectedly become caught in the crossfire of grapeshot and cannon fire and forced to take cover until the battle ends. When the smoke clears, Bethany follows the sound of a man’s moans and pulls him from beneath a pile of dead soldiers being readied for a mass grave. Bethany saves Matthew’s life but in doing so, threatens her heart and her own life.

Against all odds, sparks fly between Matthew and Bethany. A hired investigator for his father finds Matthew and encourages him to journey home. Matthew and Bethany leave the safety of her home and travel a dangerous path through the wilderness of America and across a ravaged, war-torn ocean to reach his family.

Can their romance survive the dangers and uncertainty that follow them?


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He saves her from a runaway horse. Too late, she realizes her hero is the man she left years ago for another.

Lucas Pemberton, the fourth Duke of Dorman, enjoys the freedom life affords him and has no plans for marriage, having experienced the fickle nature of women years ago. On the way home, a woman’s piercing scream and an out-of-control horse grab his attention. He rescues her, only to discover that she is the woman who had spurned his affections years ago in favor of another.

Unexpectedly, he becomes guardian to two young women—a forgotten promise made long ago. A confirmed bachelor, Lucas finds himself wholly unprepared for the challenges his wards create and force him to seek a solution.

Newly widowed, Lady Harriett Dudley flees her dead husband’s home and vows to never relinquish her freedom to any man. Distracted by threats from his family, she is almost killed when something spooks her horse, only to be saved by the man who had professed his affection the very day her father betrothed her to another.

Did she owe him an explanation? Would he understand? Could forgiveness revive a long-ago courtship and give them an opportunity to experience everlasting happiness?


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A vengeful ghost wants them dead for crimes they didn’t commit.

Edward Baxter inherits an earldom upon the death of a distant uncle and within a Season, becomes betrothed to Lady Violet Hanson in a celebrated match. Shortly thereafter, strange, and vicious occurrences threaten their lives and the continuation of the Whitlock earldom.

Edward’s uncanny resemblance to his late cousin attracts not only the curiosity of the town but the vengeance of a ghost. When Edward recognizes the attacks are connected to tragedies from his late cousin’s family, he goes to extreme lengths to unravel the mystery before the ghost kills his betrothed.

Will Edward discover the dangerous curse and placate the ghost in time to allow him and Violet a chance at love and happiness?


(Note: This story was first published as part of the USA Today Bestselling Boxed set Upon a Midnight Dreary, October 2021)


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Enter the world of the most notorious gambling den in London, where matches are made... unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.

She needs a miracle to save her, but he refuses to consider marriage, until a pretend betrothal changes how he sees her.

Riddled with guilt and haunted by nightmares over the tragic death of his father, Henry Stanton, the Earl of Egerton, returns home a broken man and seeks solace in the excesses of the Lyon’s Den. He’s sworn to never marry, but a chance meeting with the woman who captured his heart over a decade ago forces him to rethink his decision. Unwillingness to change his mind may prevent him from discovering what his heart and soul needs most.

Lady Olivia Dawson wants a love match, but her family’s financial ruin upends her perfect life, and worse, the vile man who holds her family’s fortune demands her hand. When she meets the childhood friend she’s never forgotten, she realizes he’s everything she wants.

A mother desperate to save her daughter’s future appeals to the Black Widow of Whitehall who spins a web of hearts, high-stakes bets, and intrigue—but the widow’s plan places Olivia’s life in the path of a killer.

Henry and Olivia’s futures will hang in the balance unless they can find a way to trust one another with their lives and hearts.


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A chance at love could cost them their lives.

Welcome to book 2, Marquess of Mischief by USA Today Bestselling author Anna St. Claire.

As a second son, Christopher Anglesey never planned to become the Marquess of Banbury. However, his brother's death forced him to assume the title and its responsibilities. Still, he refuses to relinquish his dangerous job with the Crown or marry. His job requires he maintains a presence at most ton events. However, Christopher avoids the marriage-minded mommas and their vapid daughters.

On the heels of a successful first Season, a carriage accident on the way home from London leaves Lady Diana Lawrence blind. She resigns herself to a life without love or marriage and still attends ton gatherings only to please her mother—who still believes love will find her daughter. While attending a museum tour with her best friend, Diana overhears plans to kill the Prince Regent, placing her in the crosshairs of a killer.

Christopher's assignment brings him to the museum, where he discovers a beautiful young woman desperate to escape and recognizes her as his sister's best friend. She may be the one person who can help save the Prince Regent's life. Sparks fly as he tries to protect her and find a killer.

Can they survive the danger that pursues them and gain a chance at love neither thought could happen?


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Can a ghost show Agatha the way to happiness?

Years after the death of her husband, Lady Agatha Wendt has become a surly, cold-hearted miser, increasingly left to her own company, particularly during the holiday season. Childless and with little family, the wealthy widow fears falling into unexpected poverty and spurns even the smallest gestures of Christmas giving. A determined spirit visits Agatha and forces her to see how others regard her. He warns her change must happen.

Charles Bentley, her butler has been the one constant in a revolving household of embittered staff. Charles sees goodness in her, a trait she takes pains to hide, and finds himself attracted to the real Agatha—despite knowing he could never be with her, given the class difference between them.

Can the spirit awaken Agatha to her real fears and help her overcome them in time to realize the gift she has always wanted?


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He’s determined to find out the truth…
Alexander Douglas, the fifth Earl of Wrotham, returns home from the war to discover his estate in financial ruin, thanks to his late father’s greedy mistress. Convinced that Mrs. Dorothy Marble duped his father out of huge sums of money and forced him to sign over one of the family’s townhouses, Alex makes it his mission to expose her as the criminal she is. With a widowed mother and younger siblings to support, Alex enters the notorious Lyon’s Den to use his considerable skill at cards to win enough to repay the creditors. When he encounters a mysterious young man who manages to beat everyone he plays, Alex uncovers the youthful cardsharp’s clever ruse.

She’s determined to hide the truth…
Lady Priscilla Gifford despairs she will never find a husband. Her well-meaning but overbearing mother insists on purchasing horrible gowns that make Priscilla and her sisters look like puffed-up peacocks. Worse still, Priscilla and her sisters must perform in endless musicales, even though they have no musical talent. Between the dismal dresses and pitiful performances, Priscilla is finding it a challenge to control her stutter, something she’s had since childhood. Tired of being the focus of the ton’s ridicule and determined to break free, Priscilla devises a plan to boost her financial independence and bolster her self-confidence, a daring plan that requires the discrete assistance of Mrs. Dove-Lyon, the matron of the infamous Lyon’s Den. When she encounters Alex at the Den, Priscilla realizes the earl is as clever as he is handsome.

But as feelings begin to bloom between Priscilla and Alex, a sinister plot threatens to destroy any future they might have.


  • Amazon

Haunted by his wife’s death, he vowed to never marry again...until he meets her!

Evan Prescott, the fifth Earl of Clarendon lost his wife during the birth of their child. Broken, Evan seeks solace in the Lyon’s Den, a world of drink, cards, and excess—where wins and losses are easier to navigate than responsibilities. Overconfident and in his cups, he makes a bet that will change his life.

Still mourning the loss of her father and elder brother…
Lady Charlotte Grisham saves her young brother from the path of a speeding carriage. In a fit of pique, she throws propriety to the wind and storms up the steps of the owner’s London townhouse—and meets the man that upends her world.

The stars align when his high-stakes bet and her lapse in judgment give the Black Widow of Whitehall the perfect opportunity to spin her web of hearts, while untold danger lurks a step behind.

Can a marriage of convenience give rise to love in time to avoid a deadly disaster?

(Note: This is an introductory novella to the Rakes of Mayhem Series -The Earl of Excess, Book One.)

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