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Wicked Earls' Club Series

Earl of Weston


A reluctant earl…
Confirmed bachelor, Edward Hunter returns home after being away for a year on a secret mission for the Crown to find his brother killed, and his father dead from grief. He is now the Earl of Weston, a title he never wanted. While searching for leads in his brother’s murder, he’s forced to attend ton entertainments he normally would have avoided.

A spirited spinster…
Hattie Longbottom is a sheltered spinster who spent her bloom caring for her invalid parent. With the death of her mother, she is forced to leave her home. Because she refuses to separate from her beloved parrot, Archie, her only option is to travel to Eynsham and live with her brother and his family. The journey to his estate shocks Hattie with the harsh realities of life outside her little village. Along the way, and with the help of her vociferous bird, a series of unfortunate mishaps threaten to ruin Hattie and place her on a dangerous path, until Edward Hunter rides into her life.

Can a reluctant earl avenge his brother’s murder and save an adorably sweet spinster in the process?

Earl of Bergen


An engaging earl…
Thomas, Earl of Bergen is on his way to London for Christmastide and traditional fun with friends and family when he comes upon a cross-eyed donkey, abandoned and tied to a tree. His efforts to help the animal lead him to the home of a lovely widow and her menagerie of children and animals.

A winsome widow…
Lady Elizabeth Newton enjoys her life and her home in the country raising her three adopted children from her late husband’s mistress, as well as caring for helpless animals of every description that would otherwise, have no home. But her life is completely upended when the handsome and charismatic Lord Bergen arrives on her doorstep with a cross-eyed donkey.

Drawn to Elizabeth’s spirit and beauty, Thomas finds himself agreeing to help the young widow’s charming children with their Christmas pageant. But can a budding romance survive the unexpected danger that seems to follow the donkey at every turn?

Earl of Shefford


A charming rogue…
Colin, Earl of Shefford lives a charmed life thanks to his wealth, title, and good looks. When he wins a building in a wager, he deems it a perfect location for a fencing club. Arriving at the site, he’s shocked to see the building is home to an orphanage, and never imagined he’d be sparring with the very prim and proper headmistress, Miss Honoria Mason. When the lovely but headstrong Miss Mason stubbornly refuses his offer of an alternative establishment, Colin brashly gives her an ultimatum—provide proof the orphanage has value to him or marry him.

A determined spinster…
Determined to save the orphanage she has worked so hard to preserve, Honoria has no choice but to accept Lord Shefford’s ultimatum and marry him. Honoria may be attracted to Shefford’s good looks and charm, but she refuses to fall in love with him. Her family’s misfortunes came about thanks to the Ton’s selfish ways. Sparks fly as proximity forces them together, the better to know each other.

Can an unexpected wager bring two uniquely different people together?

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