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Witches Ball

Unmasked by the Earl


She saved his life, but can she keep her secret?

Left for dead…

Charlie—Lady Charlotte Penrose and her twin brother Caden are travelling with their grandmother, the dowager Lady Penrose to the family townhouse in Bocka Morrow in anticipation of the upcoming annual Witches’ Ball. But their plans veer off course when they come to the rescue of a gentleman beset by cutthroat thieves. Transporting the wounded man to their home, Charlie can’t help but be mesmerized by the handsome stranger with the dark wavy hair and sky-blue eyes. She also finds it a challenge to heed her grandmother’s warning about getting too close to the stranger, given that the Penrose women are powerful witches.

Angel or witch?
From the moment he awakens from his feverish dream, Logan, the earl of Fitzwater is enchanted by the beautiful young woman with the golden blonde hair and extraordinary cat-like green eyes. Logan is indebted to Charlie and the Penrose family for saving him and his man, Bronson, but he can’t afford to dally. Once his wounds are healed, he must return to Cornwall to take the reins of his new title and estate. And yet he can’t help but be drawn to Charlie and agrees to escort her to an upcoming ball.

Because of Charlie’s growing feelings for Logan, she realizes she must tell him the truth about who she is. But when evil comes back to haunt them, can Charlie and Logan make it through, or will they be forever lost in the darkness?

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