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Wayward dukes

the trouble with her duke


A wife is the last thing he needs. A husband is the last thing she wants.

A widower who refuses to remarry.

Grayson Devereaux, the Sixth Duke of Bedford, doesn’t want a wife. He needs a governess; they keep quitting. Grayson’s energetic, seven-year-old twins need someone with stamina—a woman that can provide a firm hand, stability, and guidance. And someone who doesn’t run screaming from the room when they find a toad under their pillow.

A spinster who refuses to marry.
Miss Lydia Hammond lost her mother in childbirth and equates marriage with not only the loss of her freedom, but a risk she is unwilling to take. She’s happy being unwed and mistress of her own life. When her wealthy merchant father insists she marry a competitor’s son to grow their empire, Lydia escapes the alter and accepts a position as governess for the Duke of Bedford and his children. But as Lydia grows to care for the children and their father, she begins to wonder what she’s missing.

As an unlikely friendship blossoms between Lydia and Grayson, his former mistress contrives to destroy their happiness. Can Lydia and Grayson overcome the past to have a future?


Boxing with My Duke

COMING 4.23.24


How do you stop someone else’s wedding? The Duke of Richmond and Lady Catherine Campbell are about to find out!

Heaven help him from meddling spinsters…

The last thing Carlton Coleman, the Duke o
f Richmond, needs is Lady Catherine Campbell picking fights with his bouncers and rampaging through the halls of his peaceful gentleman's club looking for her brother Edward. When Carlton finds out the young earl has eloped with Serafina, his naïve young ward, he offers to escort the stubborn spinster to Gretna Green to stop the wedding before it’s too late.

Heaven help her from arrogant dukes…
Catherine is so worried about Edward that she is willing to do anything to bring him home, even accompanying the cavalier duke. Her heart clenches with concern for her impulsive brother, knowing the possible consequences of his rash actions.

Will they be able to stop the wedding in time? Thrown together by misunderstandings, mishaps, and a mysterious puppy named Riggs—Carlton and Catherine set off on a wild ride through the craggy countryside, facing possible danger and unpredictable weather as they navigate through both the treacherous terrain of the countryside and the tumultuous landscape of their own hearts.

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