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revenge of the wallflowers

a wallflower never forgets



COMING 12.10.24

What happens when her childhood crush becomes the man she can’t live without?

The first time she loved him…

Lady Melanie Stenson lost her heart to her brother’s best friend, Viscount Jonathan DeLacey, at the tender age of twelve, when he saved her f
rom drowning in the pond on her family’s estate. But when she attended her first ball at seventeen, Jonathan shattered Melanie’s heart when he treated her as though she were still a child, seeming to look right through her and then, announcing his engagement to Lady Diana Thurston.

The second time he loved her…
Jonathan DeLacey was done with love when his betrothed jilted him for a Duke. Burying himself in his work as an agent of the crown, Jonathan developed a reputation for taking on the most dangerous assignments. Four years later, as he’s tracking a suspect through the streets of London, he saves a young woman from a runaway carriage, whom he realizes is Lady Melanie Stenson. No longer the little girl he once knew, Jonathan was taken with Melanie’s beauty and vibrant spirit. Unfortunately, Melanie seems not to care one whit for Jonathan. Curious and captivated, Jonathan is determined to change her mind.

Will the third time be the charm?
When they see each other again at a Christmas house party to celebrate her grandmother’s 70th birthday, can Melanie and Jonathan reconcile past mistakes and misunderstandings and realize they’ve been meant for each other all along?

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